Guarding Against Piracy

Piracy remains the main deterrent for the growth of online movie theaters. Tougher anti-piracy laws around the world and blocking pirate sites have been effective, but any digital file can still be stolen and movies are no exception. This is why there needs to be further protection for online movie theaters.

The MoviesChain by TVzavr platform, presented at Berlin International Film Festival opened February 15th, uses unique technological coding that has been developed by TVzavr specialists.  It makes video content significantly more resistant to illegal copying.  The primary purpose of the platform is to help independent filmmakers reach viewers directly.

It’s no secret that small movie companies are affected more by Internet piracy than the major studios are.  Low-budget filmmakers work to find distributors around the world, but pirates end up distributing illegal copies on the Internet and take away what is already a limited opportunity to earn money from rentals.

MoviesChain by TVzavr uses blockchain technology that makes transactions between filmmakers and viewers as transparent as possible.  Films can start making money from every view just about as soon as they premiere at film festivals.  Pirates will lose the speed that makes their illegal services attractive.  What’s more, the movies distributed through MoviesChain by TVzavr will be impossible to copy.

«The platform allows intermediaries between rightsholders and end users to be eliminated and has the potential to bring the entire film market to a new level.  It is a real chance for independent producers to show their content around the world without having to rely on assistance from hundreds of distributers. Instead, everything can be done with one click,» – says Elena Khlebnikova, Content Director at TVzavr.