Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse Introduces Interactive Touchscreen Display

The interactive touchscreen display feature in smart boards promote direct bonding technology.


San Diego, CA, U.S.A., / June 8, 2018– The Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse provides sharp imaging technology in the form of interactive touchscreens. The company has been providing various technological gadgets across San Diego and has a great reputation for a while now. However, now it has taken measures to make the interactive whiteboard technology available for both educators and business organizations.

Interactive Touchscreen Display for Educators

The technology enables teachers to use the whiteboards to explain and teach better. The interactive touchscreen display means that users can use their fingers or the pointer to click on images during a presentation. With each click, the data on the smart boards for classrooms responds just as it does on the screen of the laptop.

In university, colleges, and schools, the introduction of this new technology brings promises of a better and more productive educational system. It boosts confidence in students and improves the teacher’s relationship with students through interactive learning sessions.

Interactive Touchscreen Display for Businesses

In the business sector, the interactive touchscreen display offers incredible detailing and colorful presentations. It comes as a revolutionary advancement in terms of fast response time, and high definition resolutions. With the pen, it is easier to write out plans and making clear presentations. It is almost like using a pen and real paper.

Variety in Sizes

The interactive touchscreen display screen is available in varying sizes. In some, the whiteboard has the capacity to detect as many as 30 touch points simultaneously. This is because of the incorporation of the direct bonding technology in the whiteboard. This helps reduce parallax errors and reduce refraction and reflection of the light falling on its surface. Users can use different orientations like landscape, portrait, tilted backwards, and face-up. 

The spokesperson of The Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse said, “We don’t just pay attention to the size and visuals of the whiteboard technology. We also work towards increasing and improving features like the sharpness, and interactive tools. The software that enables the use of the whiteboards will get upgrades with time, and they will improve their function ability over time.”

Customer Reviews about Interactive Touchscreen Display

Based on some customer experiences, the interactive touchscreen display is very convenient and fun to use. According to Janet Miller, a first time teacher, “There may be some minor glitches during the initial setup stages of using the smart boards for classrooms, but generally, the whiteboard technology is very neat. It helps to make students take an active part in studying and sharing their thoughts with confidence. For teachers, it also helps us plan team work for events with so much ease.”

About The Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse

The Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse is a U.S. based corporation. It produces sharp one of a kind whiteboard technology that aims to facilitate visual and graphic presentations. For more information, contact the company. 


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