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Best States For Real Estate Investing 2023

If you’re in search of long or short term residential rental properties, certain states stand out in the real estate market. These areas boast strong property value appreciation and high rental demand.

Investors looking to capitalize on the growing vacation rental trend should look into Wisconsin as a potential investment. It offers low-cost home prices and an advantageous legal climate for vacation homes.


Florida is renowned for its stunning weather and warm climate, as well as an abundance of outdoor recreation options. It’s one of the nation’s top vacation spots and a great place to invest in long-term rental property or relocate permanently.

Florida is known for its stunning beaches and world-class theme parks, but it also hosts numerous university campuses and major industries. This draws students from around the globe as well as retirees seeking an affordable yet relaxing place to live.

Florida’s economy is on the rise, with several Fortune 500 companies located there. This makes Florida an incredibly competitive and business-friendly market – perfect for real estate investors looking to purchase properties.

State economic strength is important, but it’s also essential to consider specific local markets within a state. To determine this, research local job growth, population growth and affordability trends within an area.


Georgia is an ideal state for real estate investing due to its robust economy, growing population, and low unemployment rate. Furthermore, the state enjoys a desirable quality of life with low taxes.

Georgia has experienced an explosive rise in home prices over the last several years and it’s expected to keep growing through 2023. The housing market is primarily driven by high demand and limited supply.

The housing market remains affordable for buyers. Despite rising mortgage rates, homes remain a sound investment and California will likely rank as one of the top places to buy a home in 2023.

Atlanta is an attractive market for real estate investors due to its robust economy and rapid job growth. Furthermore, it boasts several Fortune 500 companies like Delta Airlines and Home Depot, making Atlanta one of the top cities in America for housing affordability.


Tennessee has a long and colorful history. It was home to the Cherokee Nation and other Native peoples for centuries before Europeans arrived.

Nashville played an influential role in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, featuring lunch counter sit-ins and nonviolent protests that gained worldwide recognition. To this day, Nashville is renowned for its country music scene and draws many tourists annually.

The state of Pennsylvania boasts a robust economy with many major industries. These include package shipping giant FedEx and health care and medical facility operator HCA Holdings.


Idaho, also known as the Gem State, offers plenty of potential for real estate investing. With an ever-increasing population and strong economy, Idaho could be a prime location for investors to consider.

Boise, Idaho’s scenic beauty and vast swaths of protected wilderness draw over 20 million visitors annually. Boise’s largest city, Boise, is a popular choice for adventurers seeking an exciting getaway.

Home prices in Boise have been rising rapidly due to low interest rates and limited inventory, combined with an influx of people into the city. As a result, rental housing needs are being created at an unprecedented level.

Investors in Idaho’s hot real estate market now have a unique chance to grab homes at discounted prices. As long as this trend continues, now could be an excellent time to invest in Idaho properties.

If you’re searching for a lucrative real estate investment, Pocatello is an ideal destination. Boasting strong job growth, steady population growth and an average price-to-rent ratio of 0.50%, the city provides numerous possibilities to investors.


Virginia is renowned for its rich history, beautiful landscape, and vibrant economy. Its capital city of Richmond serves as an important center for financial services, legal proceedings, and government functions.

The state is home to some of the top universities in America and is bordered by Atlantic beaches and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Virginia is a popular destination for outdoor adventurers who enjoy hiking and mountain biking. The climate here is humid and subtropical, featuring warm summers and mild winters with moderate levels of rainfall.

Home sales have slowed, yet prices continue to rise across many local markets throughout the state of Arizona in 2023. This is likely due to tight inventory conditions and pent-up demand in certain areas; however, some could see a correction in prices in 2023.

North Carolina

Although North Carolina’s housing market has made considerable strides since the last recession, it still has not fully reached its potential.

With interest rates at historic lows, more people saving money, and a shortage of new homes entering the market, demand for home ownership has far outstripped supply. This explains why home prices continue to increase at an upward trajectory.

The surge of new homebuyers has also contributed to high property appreciation. Winston-Salem, for instance, is one of the highest appreciating markets nationwide.

Raleigh boasts a strong real estate market due to its location near the Research Triangle region, home to three of America’s top universities. Furthermore, its excellent transportation infrastructure, low crime rate and quality health care have further added to its appeal as a desirable place to live.


If you’re considering investing in real estate, Texas is an ideal state to do it. It boasts a strong job market, low taxes, and excellent cash flow potential.

Texas’ housing market has seen unprecedented growth, with home prices increasing at an incredible rate. As a result, more and more people are moving there and investing in real estate there.

Due to a shortage of inventory and increased demand for homes, it’s now more important than ever for you to be informed about the current real estate trends in your area.

If you’re considering investing in real property for 2023, it is wise to research the local market first. Doing this will enable you to locate the best deals and steer clear of any costly mistakes.


Making profitable real estate investments requires knowing which states offer the best properties. Unfortunately, pinpointing exactly where to invest can be challenging since each state has different cities and neighborhoods that perform well or poorly.

If you are a novice investor looking to break into the rental market, Indiana could be an ideal state for you. Its relatively affordable cost of living makes it attractive as an investment destination with numerous favorable factors that will boost your return on investment.

For instance, rent in many neighborhoods is affordable and has a strong price-to-rent ratio. This helps you maximize your profits by increasing the rent you charge tenants.

This state is known for its landlord-friendly laws and policies that protect local tenants. While these advantages exist, it’s still recommended to check the laws in your specific city before investing in property.


No matter your experience level as a real estate investor, there are plenty of states across the US that provide rewarding prospects. States that boast diverse economies, vibrant markets and high demand for rental properties tend to be the best places to invest.

Illinois offers investors many exciting housing market opportunities. However, it is always wise to consult a real estate expert before making any major investments in this field.

In 2023, the state’s housing market is predicted to experience a variety of trends. On one hand, it could experience a short-term recovery during the spring season; however, sales are also predicted to decrease and median prices on an annual basis will decrease.

Although current trends indicate a mixed outlook for Illinois’ housing market, there remain numerous lucrative investment opportunities. The state is an ideal location to invest in real estate due to its world-class cultural attractions, strong economy, and vibrant rental markets.

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